Summer is coming to an end, and the new school year is right around the corner. It’s easy to start scrambling to get ready for the back to school season. Among the endless checklist of notebooks, pens, and backpacks, it can be hard to remember to schedule vaccinations.

Every year, children are sent home from school as a result of incomplete immunization records—don’t let that happen to you!

Vaccines protect us against serious diseases like polio, measles, and whooping cough. Vaccines can prevent liver and cervical cancer as well as congenital deformities in pregnancy. (In other words, they are pretty important!) If your child is not vaccinated, they are at a high risk of infection, and may endanger other students as well. Make sure to keep a good record of your immunizations as well as those of your children and loved ones. Here’s a good list to use as a reference guide from the NY State Department of Health.

So before school starts, make sure to check vaccinations off your list! You can make an appointment with our Pediatric Department by calling (212) 226-3888 in Manhattan or (718) 886-1222 for Queens.

Written by Ann Shum.
Ann is a blogger and student who resides in both Boston and New York. She is majoring in Health Sciences at Boston University and has a keen interest in public health. For the summer of 2014, she also worked as the Communications Intern at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. 


Posted by Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a nonprofit and federally qualified health center, established in 1971. Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable health care to the undeserved, with a focus on Asian Americans. Our vision is to ensure that everyone has full and equal access to the highest level of health care. Learn more at

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