It is the most wonderful time of the year! And sometimes, it is also the most stressful. Make the most of this special season, and try our tips to manage the stress that often comes with the holiday.

Gift giving

  • Create a budget and stick to it! Be creative, and consider making homemade gifts.
  • If you have too many people on your list, start a family or friend gift exchange. Here is a great site on how to organize a gift exchange.
  • Ask people what they want instead of spending too much time looking for the perfect gifts. Ask your family and friends to create a wish list on Amazon this year. (If you shop through Amazon Smile, you can support the Health Center with every purchase you make. Learn more here.)

Getting together with family and friends

  • Being a host can be incredibly stressful and costly. To lighten the load, ask your family and friends to bring their favorite dishes. Accept when your guests offer to help you clean up.
  • Manage your time and expectations. It is okay if you cannot do all that is on your list, or visit all the people you hope to see during the holiday season. If you feel that you will not be able to visit all the people that you love, you can tell them that you will visit them after the holidays.
  • Remember to enjoy yourself! Sometimes there are so many places to go and people to see that we forget to enjoy time with our loved ones. When the holiday tension sets in, be intentional about doing something light. Take time to play games, make a craft or cook a meal together.
  • Take a break. Step away and take a walk when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you are visiting several places during the holidays, make sure to allow time to relax between visits.

Beat the holiday blues

  • Volunteering can be incredibly rewarding. It will remind you of the spirit of the holidays.
  • Be active to help with your mood. Take a walk, dance, or check out activities at your local community center.
  • Celebrate, even if you are alone. Do something that you love to do or eat foods you most enjoy. Do something a little bit out of the ordinary and special during this season, just for you.

Whatever you are celebrating, we wish you a wonderful and healthy holiday!


Posted by Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a nonprofit and federally qualified health center, established in 1971. Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable health care to the undeserved, with a focus on Asian Americans. Our vision is to ensure that everyone has full and equal access to the highest level of health care. Learn more at

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