March 30th is Doctor’s Day and the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is raising a toast to our providers. Committed to our patients and community members, they ensure that children and adults receive the appropriate screenings and services that they need. Our providers also play an important role in educating our patients about the need for preventative care and routine check-ups so that serious medical conditions can be identified and addressed as early as possible.  Trained to see all kinds of ailments, you can count on them to provide the best care for you and your family.

We are also recognizing our providers because underneath their white coats:

They celebrate one another.

On Valentines’ Day, the Pediatrics department threw a surprise party for Dr. Jane Soohoo, MD, Pediatrician, to celebrate her 24th anniversary at the Health Center. Dr. Soohoo’s beginnings at CBWCHC can be traced back to 1981, when she was a Project Asian Health Education and Development (AHEAD) intern.

They have profound ambitions and passions.

Dr. Eda Chao, MD, Pediatrician, volunteers as a Board Member of the Children of China Pediatrics Foundation. Every few years, she travels with the organization to China to provide surgical, medical, and rehabilitation care to orphans. Dr. Chao is also training to earn her second degree black belt in Hapkido.

In her spare time, Dr. Shirley Egielski, DDS, Senior Dentist, enjoys caring for her aquarium pets. She loves watching her fish swim and appreciates how the intricate colors, flowing water, and gurgling bubbles can soothe away stress.

Last year, Dr. Judy Lo, OD, Optometrist, took a sabbatical leave and moved back to Taipei, Taiwan, where she was born. Together with her husband and son, Dr. Lo had a memorable year of learning, traveling, and eating around China, Vietnam, and Japan. During that time, Dr. Lo also explored her creative interests in Chinese poetry, piano, and photography. Coming back to New York, her Chinese not only improved but she also feels reinvigorated.

And most importantly, our providers are parents, mentors, and friends.

Dr. Hyoseong Nuna Kim, MD, Pediatrician and Medical Director, enjoys soaking in the outdoors with her family, especially in the mountains or near the ocean. Dr. Kim loves what New York City has to offer and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

After work, Dr. Sandy Bui, DO, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, looks forward to hearing and laughing at her children’s silly jokes. She loves being a mother, the snuggles and bedtime stories that come with it, and how parenthood shapes her professional experience in helping her patients.

One of Annie Tang’s most rewarding moments as a dental hygienist is being able to volunteer and provide oral screening and education to the community. After noticing that her son’s daycare classmate had poor teeth, Annie became motivated to teach more community members on how to take care of their oral health and have whiter, healthier smiles. 

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The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a nonprofit and federally qualified health center offering comprehensive primary care services to all in five convenient locations in Manhattan and Queens seven days a week. We accept most major health insurance plans and serve everyone regardless of their ability to pay, the language they speak, or their immigration history. For more information, please visit

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