As part of September’s Healthy Aging Month, we want to share how to stay strong and active. As you age, small exercises can go a long way to improve your mind, body and overall health. Try some of these activities to keep your health at its best.

 Start with a Stretch

Start your day with a stretch! Stretching not only makes you more flexible, but can also boost your mood and energy. Going out into the sun also allows your body to make Vitamin D, an important nutrient that improves your bone health and prevents osteoporosis or bone loss. The National Institutes of Health has a great page on stretches, check them out here.

Take a Walk

It’s free, fun and good for you in many ways. All you need are twenty to thirty minutes a day, but even short walks several times a day helps your breathing, heart, brain and muscles. Try climbing stairs during your walk. This keeps your thighs strong and takes pressure off your knees.

 Move Your Muscles

Practicing tai chi and aerobics can improve your balance and keep your heart and muscles strong. By exercising your muscles, your bones become stronger and can prevent falls from occurring. Using light weights or filled water bottles during aerobic or chair exercises can further improve your muscle strength.

 Join a Class

Local recreation programs such as Shape Up NYC, Be Fit NYC and senior centers offer many free exercise classes like table tennis and Zumba that you can join. Simply type in your zip code and find one that’s convenient for you!

Invite a Friend!

Exercising with a friend not only makes exercising more enjoyable, but doing it together motivates you both to stay active. Why not spend time being active and talking and sharing with your loved ones or friends?

To celebrate healthy aging month, try a new exercise today! For more information on how to care for your health, visit our page on health information for seniors.

Written by Bonnie Tse, with contributions from Perry Pong, MD.
Bonnie Tse is part of the Health Education Department at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College. Dr. Pong is the chief medical officer at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. He received his medical degree from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, and completed his residency training at Veterans Affairs Medical Center New York. Dr. Pong is board-certified in internal medicine.

Posted by Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a nonprofit and federally qualified health center offering comprehensive primary care services to all in five convenient locations in Manhattan and Queens seven days a week. We accept most major health insurance plans and serve everyone regardless of their ability to pay, the language they speak, or their immigration history. For more information, please visit

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